Tam Stuart
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Double-crested Cormorant Diving
Black-Skimmer Catching Fish
Green Heron Catches An Appetizer
Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Makes A Ball Of Mud
Great Blue Heron Catches An Appetizer
Osprey Landing Sequence.
I believe the landing mother Osprey is heading straight for her young offspring on purpose to teach it to be attentive to its surroundings at all times.
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Yellow-crowned Night-heron Displaying
Great Horned Owl Chicks
Mallard Making Touch And Go Landing
This sequence lasted approx 1 second in real-time.
Bald Eagle Catching A Fish
This sequence lasted approx 6 seconds in real-time.
Common Loon - Mechanics of diving
Cormorant Landing Sequence
Cormorant Fighting Gull For A Fish
Note: no space for the text!
Black-Skimmer Catching A Fish
This sequence lasted approx 1/2 second in real-time.
Cormorant Swallowing Large Fish
This sequence lasted approx 20 seconds in real-time.
Gull Mugs Cormorant
This sequence lasted approx 0.5 seconds in real-time.
Cormorant and Gull Battle over a Fish
This sequence lasted approx 2 seconds in real-time.